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What is Bad Influences?

Bad Influences is a Blog Fiction, a story being told in the form of a blog, or in this case an interconnected set of blogs.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page through one of the blogs in the sidebar to your left, you have been reading the blog of a fictional character, and rumours of the collapse of civilisation have been greatly exaggerated.

If you’ve come here through Under the Influence, you have met the author, who is not a fictional character, unless she’s engaged in layers of meta-fiction of which she herself is unaware.

If you want to give feedback or talk about Bad Influences, you can leave comments on Under the Influence, go to the Bad Influences Facebook page or contact the author.  I would really appreciate it if you could fill out a reader’s feedback form for my research.

If you want to take on a role in the Bad Influences storyworld and comment directly on the character blogs, you’ll need to read the guidelines and agree to the conditions of participation.

If you just want to read the story, click the links on the left for the character blogs, or if you like things a little more orderly, you can start here!


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