So, it’s cheating when you wrote the quiz yourself, but it’s one more way of spreading the word.

You Will Survive: Anything

You Will Survive: Anything

You’re a practical sort, and you know what to do in a crisis of any kind.

It’s almost as if your time has come, as if you wanted something like this to happen. In fact, it was you, wasn’t it? You released the monkey that started the zombie plague, signalled the alien invasion, spread the GM triffid seed, and goaded the world powers into nuclear war, just so you could live in a world where all your years of survival training and food hoarding would finally pay off.

You’re so well equipped, your main danger is being hunted down by other survivors after your gear, or perhaps vengeful ones who suspect that nobody could possibly be so well prepared unless they saw it coming.

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Which apocalyptic disaster will you survive?

Incidentally, why aren’t there any decent quiz plugins for WordPress? Most of them are for scored quizzes, very few are set up for a “personality type” quiz – it took me ages to track down this one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything more up to date – I would have loved a quick button for sharing your result on Facebook or Twitter – but you could do what I’m doing right now and make a blog post of your result to share on your social media.

I’m hoping to drop a few more quizzes, memes and fun extras into Bad Influences as it progresses. Hope you have fun with this one.

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