I’d like to acknowledge the patience and persistence of my research supervisors, Ailsa Cox and Peter Wright, and thank them for all their encouragement, feedback and extended deadlines.  Thanks also to Helen Newall, who recently joined the supervision team and helped me make this site look a lot better.

I am hugely grateful for the artistic talents of Lia Segar and Arthur Goodman, who are responsible for Mei and Jack’s blogs looking like artists’ blogs, instead of blogs created by a writer who can’t draw.  Lia is a Brighton-based artist who trained in Fine Art at Camberwell.  Arthur has been drawing comics for fifteen years, which regularly appear in small press publications.  You can see more of Arthur’s work on his website Favourite Crayon, where you can also contact him about commissions.

Thanks also to my test readers and troubleshooters, Paul Grimes, Sam Segar and Trina Macgregor, for encouragement, criticism, explaining how the internet works and arguing with me when I was being difficult.

Finally, I want to thank all those spreading their bad influence by contributing to the project as commenting characters:

l Parsons
Paul Grimes
Fiona Gregory
Jean Kase


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