How to read Bad Influences

There are many ways to read a real-time blog fiction, including some that I probably haven’t thought of, and I’d love to hear about the way you chose to read Bad Influences.  If you want some ideas to start you off, though, I’d suggest the following options:

1. On the blogs, one by one
Click on one character’s blog – Mei, Jack, Elaine or Ash – and read the story so far, from the latest post down.  Then move onto the next blog.  It’s in the nature of blog entries to be self-contained and to relate to events the reader may or may not be aware of, so there’s nothing wrong with starting at the end.

2. In a feed, all together
I’ve prepared an aggregated feed for reading the story as it happens, with all the posts and all the comments of all four characters’ blogs.  You can subscribe to the feed in your own reader to see each update as it’s posted, or you can read it on this site in one of the following combinations:

3. On the blogs, in Chronological order
These links will take you to each of the characters’ first posts, so that you can read their stories from the beginning, clicking “next” to advance through the story in order.

4. Tagwise
Just click on the categories and topics that interest you and read odd entries in isolation, entirely unrestricted by plot or purpose.

5. Randomly
Why not just surf the blogs, read the characters’ profiles, click on a commenter, try out the memes, and if you catch a bit of plot along the way then follow it as far as you can be bothered? That’s how real blogs work, after all. Have fun.



6. Secretly
Oh, and while we’re here, some of the posts are private conversations between characters.  You need a password to unlock these – it can be found on the Facebook and Twitter links to the locked post.


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