I’d really love for readers to participate in Bad Influences by commenting on the characters’ blogs.  You can do this in the usual way, but before you start, there are some guidelines you should follow and a participation agreement that you must fill in to have your comments included.

You don’t have to participate in the interactive aspect of the story – you can subscribe to the feed, share it on Facebook, talk about it on Under the Influence, or even just read it if that’s what you like to do with your fiction.  However, if you are inclined to participate, here’s how it works.


Comments on all the story blogs are screened, and will go into a moderation queue where I will decide whether to unscreen them or delete them.  This is a subjective decision based on how I want the story to go, but unless you’re introducing something that completely messes with the plot, I’ll normally be happy to let it go through.

I can only unscreen comments that meet all the criteria in the guidelines, by contributors who have filled in and submitted the participation agreement.  If you do not fill in the agreement, I’m afraid your comments will be deleted, no matter how good or interesting or relevant they are.  Any participation in a research project has to be justified to my university ethics committee, and that means I have a duty to make sure you know what you’re agreeing to and how your contributions will be used.  Without you filling in the form, I can’t be sure of that, and I can’t include your contributions.

Should I decide to unscreen your comment, it will become part of Bad Influences.  Other participants, and the characters themselves, may respond to it.  You may respond back to them, until such time as I close comments on the entry.

When you post your comment, you give me permission to use it, with acknowledgement, as part of Bad Influences, which is a work of fiction forming part of a Ph.D. thesis on Blog Fiction, of which I will be identified as the author. This doesn’t mean I’m taking your words to claim them as my own and spend book-signings gloating on my fame and fortune while you stand outside, in the snow, with your nose pressed against the glass. I just have to be confident that I’ll be able to submit the hard copy as a Ph.D. research project, with all contributions gratefully acknowledged and formatted in such a way that they won’t be mistaken for my own, but with my name on the cover.  I intend to leave the project live online for as long as is practicable, but if I should ever get the opportunity to re-publish it in another form, I will make every effort to get in touch with all contributors and obtain their permission to use their contributions in a published work.  I retain the copyright to the work as a whole, and I will acknowledge your contribution in every incarnation of the project, using the name you give. I will not make any changes to your contribution without your permission.

You will be able to remove your contribution from the online version yourself at any time, because that’s how blogs work.  If you decide to do this, I’d appreciate it if you could let me know so that my characters aren’t left replying to empty space.


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