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Bad Influences is a pre-authored story, with a plot and character interactions that need to develop roughly as I planned. This means that, while I love participation and want it to enhance and expand the story, I’m not going to let it significantly alter the story. I also don’t want the story expanded beyond the realms of readability, and I will close comments on entries when I think there have been enough. If there is an important exchange going on between characters, I may disallow interruptions if I think they will detract from this exchange. Some entries are private and you won’t be able to comment on them at all. If your comment gets deleted, don’t assume it’s because I didn’t like it – it might just not fit in with the story for reasons that I can’t reveal without spoilering. Aside from this, the following guidelines will help your comment to get through the moderation process unscathed.

  1. If you want to respond to the story out of character, to ask a question about it or give an opinion, that’s great: use the Under the Influence blog, the Facebook page, the feedback form or my e-mail for this, not the character blogs.
  2. When commenting on the character blogs, you’re taking part in the storyworld. The year is 2026 and the world is in the grip of a deadly influenza pandemic. If you say anything that suggests otherwise, your comment will be deleted.
  3. Know who your character is, where they are, what is happening to them and why they are commenting on this blog. Do they know the characters? How did they find the blog? You don’t have to state these things in your comment, but knowing them will make your persona more believable.
  4. Read before you comment – familiarity with the story so far will help you to participate believably.
  5. Take the situation seriously, or as seriously as your persona would do. It is just a story, but the characters don’t know that.
  6. My decision on whether to unscreen a comment or delete it will be based largely on whether I think the character would allow the comment on their blog. If you say something that is irrelevant, libellous, offensive or just doesn’t make sense, it will probably be deleted.
  7. If you want to plug your own blogfic or community, do it really carefully. If it doesn’t contradict the story, and is relevant, I might keep it in. Spam will be deleted.
  8. Respect other contributors. I know we’re all in character, and of course the odd flame war is just part of the background noise of the blogosphere, but anything pulling the characters too far out of their story in order to deal with yours is at risk of being deleted.
  9. Think about your language. While I’m not going to ban swearing or being obnoxious in character, I’ll delete anything I consider gratuitous. Anything you wouldn’t want on your personal blog, the characters probably don’t want on theirs.

If you’re happy with this, fill out the participation agreement and get commenting!


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