So, I’ve recently been putting together the site for Among Us, a Twitter Fiction project that I’m curating for the Twitter Fiction festival in March.  Please have a look, share, retweet and join in!  As a 24-hour project it’ll be much more manageable than Bad Influences, and you can tweet as much or as little as you want.  All the info on how to join in is here.

Since the cheap web hosting I have for this site only lets me have one WordPress database, and Among Us will be short-lived, I thought I’d just get a free blog. Then I discovered that has pretty limited options for embedding Twitter feeds, and flat out refuses any of the options for embedding Storify that work so beautifully on This bothers me, because it’s not like they don’t have the code – they have a whole fancy section in the dashboard and any number of widgets for business customers who can afford thousands of dollars a month for the service.  All I wanted was a measly shortcode.  I spend an entire day searching the help pages of WordPress, Twitter and Storify and feeling like a bunch of suits from each had a special meeting where they conspired to show me the most elegant of solutions for presenting Twitter Fiction and wave it in front of me, only to laugh in my face and sneer that I can’t have it.

Then I found this wonderful site with a solution that’s both deceptively simple and stunningly clever.  And what’s more, the fabulous human being behind it has even explained how to do it, step by step, in terms understandable to a non-programmer who tentatively messes with code fearing that every keystroke will break the internets.  So I have my embedded Storify widget on my free site, and Among Us will be told in style!

Since comments were closed on the post, I thought I’d mention it here so that Sanjida might at least get my thanks by Pingback.  Thanks Sanjida, you’re awesome!


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